Saturday, June 9, 2007


As a gift to all of you loyal blog readers out there I'm giving you an exclusive privilege.

You get to read my world-exclusive first time ever interview with Heavyweight that's going to be in Sunday's edition of the Sentinel.

JS: So, Mr. Uhm...Weight?
HW: Heavyweight'll do.
JS: Righto, now then. You mind telling us a bit about yourself? For the leader of one of the world's most famous Superteams you've been awfully secretive with your personal life.
HW: And I'd like to keep it that way Mr. Strummard. Y'see, the mask I wear isn't just a mask. It's an identity. When I put on that lil' piece of cloth I'm Heavyweight and no one can change that, but the minute I take it off I'm the real man. The man behind the iron mask.
JS: Ah, well. That's understandable. Anything you'd care to indulge? Do you have any hobbies? Girlfriend? Wife?
HW: Yes, no, and hell no. As far as hobbies are concerned I play a lil' guitar, and write my own lyrics. I don't have any girlfriends, but before all you girls start running to the Vanguard Communications Center, I'm keeping it that way. The only way you'll see me dating is within the super game. Hey, when Romero comes busting into my "Heavy-Cave" I'd rather have a girlfriend that could laser his face off than one that could cower behind the Weightcopter.
JS: Heavy-Cave? Weightcopter?
HW: Holy obscure reference Batman! I'm also something of a TV nut.
JS: Alright then. You've been the team leader of HASTE for a while now, you mind telling us how you feel about your teammates?
HW: Well, Golem's my rock. Pun intended. If I need something done well, I call him. Splice is young and reckless, but the kid's got a good heart. Plasmatic's a bit cold, but if you dig deep enough he knows what he should do and he does it well. The Doc's a bit....out there. I mean, he's a nice guy, but any guy who hangs with insects more than people is bound to be missing a few screws.
JS: And the reserves?
HW: Ah. Well. Swashbuckler's a character, throw him in a room and you'll be entertained. He's not the most powerful of us by far, but he does his duty. There's Avicenna who isn't so much of a member as a team medic. She is also one of my oldest and closest allies, hence why you'll see HASTE members at the Hardy Clinics running security. The Elementalist is in the same boat as Doc Insector, nice guy but a bit quirky. Genesis......she's, well. Focused, that's how I'd describe her. Focused.
JS: And how about the new member we saw with last month's Terror Squad fiasco?
HW: You mean Zeittaucher? I'm uh...not at liberty to talk about him yet.
JS: Vanguard business?
HW: Next question.
JS: Well, how'd Heavyweight start out? Were you Lightweight scouring the streets for roving gangs of bicycling ruffians?
HW: My...uh. My parents and town were ghosted in the invasion. I almost joined them, but, my gravity powers decided to kick in. The rest I'd rather not talk about.
JS: I'm sorry for your loss.
HW: Thank you, now what was your next question?
JS: Well I think my readers would like to-
HW: Uhm. Excuse me. I've got to get scarce, I think you can hear the sirens too, pal.
JS: Er. Any parting words?
HW: Yeah, with great power
JS: comes great responsibility yeah, I've read Spider-Man too.
HW: What? I can't hear you over the siren, we'll have to do another one of these sometime!

There you go my faithful legions. Oh and, for an update into the world of Jim Strummard. Well. Nothing really happened, still sharing the office with Henry, he's gotten quite a bit nicer after I told him that I caught the stares. Oh and I bought the new Flying Men CD. Holy crap that is one hell of a band.

Here's my quote for the day-" Imagination was given to man to compensate him for what he is not; a sense of humor to console him for what he is."- Francis Bacon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

C'mon, I mean Heavyweight's not that bad.

That little beauty up there is a picture of the street less than 500 feet away from the Sentinel's offices. Picture courtesy of Henry. I think I can see Heavyweight's foot prints.

On the subject of Henry, well, this is gonna be interesting. I mean, the man's nice he's just a bit....quirky. I keep catching him staring at my hair. I want to drug him and dump him in Ireland with a little minicam taped to his head. Oh, that would be glorious.

Now then, the Sentinel is going straight to hell. I mean, we've always had our share of supers, but it's getting out of hand. This week alone I've gotten letters about the eminent apocalypse, a panther that became a gorilla that became a bat that became a monkey and some crack pot who keeps pestering us with theories about the "fact" that there are nanobots in the water supply.

Also, I am officially protesting Blue Streak Grills. There was a freaking slug in my in my salad. I mean, hey I like some flavor, but ew.

As always, my quote of the day:
“It's not worth doing something unless you were doing something that someone, somewere, would much rather you weren't doing.”- Terry Pratchett.

PS-I have a big suprise for you all in a few days.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

What do you mean my office was destroyed by a jester?!

Hey guys and gals,

I'm posting from my laptop today as my office is being....remodeled unexpectedly; and by remodeled I mean it's being reconstructed from square one. Now we have our supervillains in Chicago, but between the Vanguard, HUG and our various own vigilantes they're mostly kept in check. Yesterday there was a routine superbrawl between local champ Heavyweight and the challenger Mountebank. They've gone at it before, but this one happened to be right next to The Daily Sentinel's offices. Luckily I was out eating lunch at the time(Turkey and Bacon sub, god that was delicious.) and as I was walking back I saw the Vanguard truck with Mountebank in it, didn't see anything really out of the ordinary. That is until I looked down, I happened to see the picture of me and my friends at the pub after my first day of work. Of course, it was a bit hard to identify covered in dirt and what appeared to be fecal matter(My guess is it was Mountebank's damn monkey.) but sure enough, it came from the crater that I once called my office. Looks like I'm gonna be camping out in Henry's office for a while, I'll update all of you if anything major happens.

I leave you with my quote of the day

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence in society."-Mark Twain